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FrostMelt™ - Vehicle Microwave Molecular De-icing Device ⛄🚗

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Heavy snowstorms in the United States lead to frozen and scrapped vehicles Data report: In the past ten years, approximately 36 major snowstorms have occurred each year, with the northern and northeastern regions being the most severely affected. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are rendered immobile or out of service due to ice and snow every year. Heavy snowstorms have caused vehicle damage and aging, and increased traffic accidents.

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The climate problem is becoming increasingly serious, please take preventive measures in advance - the latest solutions in 2023

Extremely cold temperatures and snowstorms created transportation challenges. Problems faced by cars outdoors include icy steering wheels, snow-covered windshields and vehicles buried under 1.3 meters of snow.

In both cases, access to the vehicle is not possible. Now, there's a great solution - electromagnetic molecular interference anti-freeze snow blowers. It prevents your car from getting covered in snow during heavy snowfalls, eliminating the problem of getting stuck in ice and snow.

Secrets to Protecting Your Car from Snow and Ice - Latest Research from NASA

The temperature on the surface of Mars ranges from -20°C to -80°C. In this harsh environment, the Perseverance Mars Exploration Rover may freeze at any time. Yet, it still continues to work!

This is thanks to the electromagnetic molecular interference antifreeze snow removal instrument, a device used by NASA for space missions. It ensures that the Mars exploration rover "Perseverance" remains free of ice and snow in this extreme environment and prevents icing.

Now, the aerospace technology used by the American Mars exploration rover "Perseverance" has overcome the challenges of mass production and entered the civilian market. Committed to solving the problem of vehicle damage caused by ice and snow in daily extreme environments

Key technologies of FrostMelt™ electromagnetic molecular interference antifreeze and snow removal instrument

The electromagnetic energy in the composite frequency band can effectively affect the ice and snow in contact with the vehicle surface, activating its molecular motion and causing the ice and snow to melt quickly. Moreover, this specific composite frequency band has only a subtle effect on the movement of water molecules, ensuring no radiation and no side effects on vehicle materials or the human body.

In addition, the laboratory also accidentally discovered "active electrons". It can make the structure of water molecules less compact, prevent water from freezing easily at low temperatures, and maintain the active movement of water molecules. This ensures that the vehicle will not freeze for a long time in low temperature environments.

Practical and stylish car accessories

FrostMelt™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze and Snow Remover not only has excellent practical performance, but also has a beautiful and fashionable appearance, making it an excellent decoration in the car.

Not only does it add a sense of style to the vehicle interior, but it also matches perfectly with various models. Whether it's a luxury sedan, SUV or compact car, this de-icer can be integrated into the vehicle to provide a sophisticated finish to the entire interior. Design details and smooth lines complement the exterior design of modern vehicles, demonstrating attention to detail and craftsmanship. It has an easy-to-install base and is powered by solar cells, requiring no external power source. It can be easily placed in the car.

Customer's life changed after using FrostMelt™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze and Snow Remover

"I purchased this product just in time for the first (of many!) snows and ice in Erie, PA - a few days before it arrived we had a thick layer of ice on our steering wheel and a frozen windshield After staying there all day, there was a thick layer of ice on it. We worked in the parking lot for more than half an hour. This de-icer can melt almost any ice effortlessly, and it is also wide enough to cover the back door and rear windows and doesn't leave annoying freezing spots. Great product! Highly recommended! (As someone who moved north from Florida, this product worked wonders! One of the best investments I've ever made, especially since My old car used to freeze quickly.)”

 —⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Jordan Jones, Michigan


"I'm so happy I received it. It came just in time for me to use it during the ice storm that lasted a month. I'm a 74 year old woman who lives alone and I don't have the energy or time to spend an entire morning cleaning my car and Went to the grocery store to run errands. Now I wake up every morning and get in my car like winter never came. My neighbors are still scraping the thick ice and snow off their car windows and I feel bad for them so I'm going Send everyone a link to buy.”

 -- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London,  Caleb Austin

What makes the FrostMelt™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Freeze Snow Remover the best choice?

  • NASA authoritative aerospace technology
  • No damage to electronic equipment in the car and the human brain
  • 360° all-round de-icing
  • No heat or radiation
  • No side effects on human body
  • Elegant appearance and easy installation
  • Solar powered, no external power supply required


FrostMelt™ Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze and Snow Remover

Applicable models: all

Please note: 

We would like to emphasize that the effectiveness of our product may vary based on individual experiences. While our air freshener is designed to provide a delightful and refreshing aroma to your vehicles, and our de-icer aims to assist in frost and ice removal, we want to make it clear that results may differ.

We cannot guarantee specific outcomes as they are influenced by various factors such as environmental conditions, usage patterns, and individual preferences. However, based on the positive feedback from both our suppliers and customers, many have found our products to deliver on their promises.

Please be aware that the ultimate satisfaction with our products depends on personal expectations and the specific context of use. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to share your feedback with us as we continuously strive to enhance our offerings.

Thank you for choosing Techanova. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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